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Adikavi Nannaya University

Adikavi Nannaya University established in March 2006 through the Government of Andhra Pradesh Act No. 28 of 2006 at Rajahmundry, is a unique addition to the existing Universities in India. Named after Adikavi of Telugu literature Nannayabhatta, the eleventh century poet laureate who initiated a freeway authentic translation of the great epic Mahabharata from Sanskrit to Telugu, the University aims to combine the pristine glory and the contemporary demands of educational excellence.


            In the new millennium when the paradigm has shifted to making India a Knowledge society, Adikavi Nannaya University strives to be an active contributor to the ever-expanding field of knowledge. The University's emblem is an artistic expression of the cultural and intellectual wealth, heritage, splendor and plenitude of the East and West Godavari districts of the State of Andhra Pradesh. It also represents the objectives, ideals and aspirations for which the University constantly strives. The University's motto ‘Spardhaya Vardhate Vidya’ highlights the role of competitive spirit in knowledge creation - from competition in the din of the world to a constant striving within the self. Various fields of knowledge from Engineering and Applied Sciences to Life and Physical Sciences and the Humanities and Arts are nurtured under the aegis of the University. University attends to the educational needs of both the Godavari Districts and very soon all the Post Graduate and Degree Colleges in these districts are going to get affiliated to this University. The ardent hope is that the fledgling University of today will soon become a crowning jewel among the Indian and global Universities. 


Prof.P.George Victor, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor



  Last Date of Applying for Revaluation be extended to 18.06.2013

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 Last Working Day for Affiliated Colleges for academic year 2012-13 as 6th April 2013 and reopening day for next academic year is 10th June 2013



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